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FIBRE composite manufacturing technologies FOR the automation and modular construction in shipYARDS

R&D Projects

FIBRE4YARDS   |   H2020-MG
Jan 2021 – Dec 2023


Find a balance between reducing production costs and increasing quality processes for the mass production of fibre-reinforced plastic (FRP) ship parts.


Develop a cost-efficient, digitised, automated and modular FRP vessel production approach, and to implement and test it in a Shipyard 4.0 environment.


Improve the efficiency of vessels in terms of energy consumption and maintenance costs.


Principal Researcher
Nuno Correia | 0000-0001-6486-3954

Main Contribution:

·       Identify and evaluate FRP manufacturing processes and joining technologies able to be easily implemented into the shipbuilding industry.

·       Support the design and engineering production, by defining the technical requirements and process design.

·       Manufacture lab-scale connection demonstrators

·       Contribute for the joining strategy definition and joining strategy industrialization, as well as for the joining validation and demonstration.