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Recognition Matters

R&D Projects
"Promoting student exchange between Europe and Latin America by reducing the barriers to mobility related to the process of academic recognition.”

Successful previous LA and EU HE cooperation revealed differences between HE Systems, academic recognition principles and practices. A long path is still ahead in terms of streamlined mobility recognition with fair credit transfer and grade conversion. Most LA countries have no credit system nationally applying to HEIs and the majority has regulations to frame mobility abroad, but handles recognition on individual basis and equivalence without grading is very common, negatively impacting students. RecMat joins partners from AR, BR and EU with the core aim of contributing to promote mobility between EU and LA, by reducing barriers related to academic recognition and building LA HEIs capacity to implement a fairer recognition process. Partners will work at two levels, linking the policy and practical dimensions behind academic recognition. Unlike previous initiatives, RecMat targets not only International Officers, but teachers who are the main decision makers in LA HEIs in what recognition is concerned, who are distant from Bologna rationale and usually show high resistance to recognition. This will be achieved by involving teachers in blended-training and in piloting concrete case studies, to evidence practical successful processes. Through a peer-to-peer approach, RecMat will raise teachers’ awareness about the importance of ensuring full recognition and stimulating fair grade conversion. RecMat activities will capacitate HEIs to formally frame recognition and build a linkage with IT teams by providing training to IT staff and enabling LA HEIs to outline concrete technical solutions to ease recognition. Through the organisation of public (inter-)national events and policy forums, RecMat will bring the topic to wide discussion, encouraging a high number of HEIs to adopt similar processes and sharing with them the project's innovative outcomes (MOOC, Digital Compendium and Conclusions Paper) towards the improvement and transparency of academic recognition processes.


  • To raise awareness among LA academic staff about the importance of ensuring a full academic recognition by: eliminating existent prejudices regarding internationalisation; eliminating resistances and current barriers to full post-mobility recognition (stimulating credit transfer and fair grade conversion); highlighting the benefits of internationalisation and full recognition through a peer-to-peer approach, i.e involving mainly academic staff and not only International Officers.
  • To capacitate and provide information to LA Academic and IT staff on concrete ways to facilitate the implementation of a full recognition process.
  • To contribute to facilitate the harmonization of academic recognition processes between LA institutions.

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