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Surface Transports (ST)

Surface Transports (ST)

Surface Transports (ST)

New Materials and Joining Technologies for Environmentally Friendly Road Vehicles.


  • Novel technological and methodological solutions for the design of advanced road vehicles with focus on environmental friendliness and safety.

Key Tasks

  • Structural characteristics of road vehicle and modelling approaches for vehicle system and structural components
  • New materials and structural solutions for structural vehicle components
  • Advanced joining technologies for hybrid materials in structural components
  • Life cycle assessment of structural component
  • Vehicle dynamics performance in terms of maneuverability and comfort


  • Computational methods and tools for the analysis of the structural components influence on the dynamic performance of vehicles. 
  • New materials and structural solutions tailored for the substitution of selected structural components of vehicles. 
  • Methodology for the life cycle assessment of new structural components solutions.

Global Coordinator

Jorge Alberto Cadete Ambrosio

Other Institutional Coordinators

Fausto Miguel Cereja Seixas Freire
Lucas Filipe Martins Silva


Pedro Millan
Reza Beygi