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Associate Laboratory for 
Energy, Transports and Aerospace


Associate Laboratory for
Energy, Transports and Aerospace


The Largest R&D Unit and Associated Laboratory in Portugal serving the fields of Energy, Transports and Aerospace

Created in 2006, LAETA - Associate Laboratory of Energy, Transports and Aerospace brings together 4 management institutions and 32 participant institutions, assuring a wide platform of knowledge’s sharing and spread.  

Within a strong national and international network of universities, research and technology organizations and industrial companies, LAETA has a unique capacity to address complex societal challenges, to promote national cohesion, and to support the definition of public policies in the fields of Energy, Transports and Aerospace.

Management Institutions
Main Higher Education Institutions
Figures & Facts

Research Team | 2021 

  286 Integrated Researchers   170+ Collaborator Researchers
  305 PhD Students  

Scientific Outputs | 2018-2021 (per year)

  2 Books   47 Book Chapters
  14 Patent Applications
  586 Scopus Papers
  384 International Communications
  31 Doctoral Theses


  • To play a fundamental role in shaping the future in the fields of Energy, Transports and Aerospace, and other emerging fields where its scientific knowledge, grounded on Mechanical, Materials and Aerospace Engineering, can be applied
  • To boost curricular innovation and to foster advanced training, contributing to increase the critical mass of highly qualified human resources, and setting the stage for the creation of high-value scientific jobs in Portugal
  • To promote science-drive innovations and knowledge transfer to the Industry, by performing activities at the different stages of the research value-chain, addressing the needs of the target sectors and the related societal challenges
Governance Board