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Supporting better decisions


Supporting better decisions


LAETA outlined objectives for supporting policy-making for the period 2021-2030, considering current specific needs in each of its target sectors.

To implement at local level the national, European and international objectives associated with the global response to climate change, with a focus on the energy system, the management and recovery of natural systems, but also on the improvement of existing infrastructures, for which the most appropriate methodologies, tools and technologies must be analysed and identified.

To promote the use of more sustainable transports, with a reduction of about 25% in greenhouse emission gases in 2030, when compared to 2005, particularly in the automotive, aeronautics and railroad sub-sectors. It mainly focuses on vehicle’s durability, recyclability and safety, contributing to the decarbonisation of the sector and, in parallel, to increase the competitiveness of the national companies operating in these sub-sectors.

To accelerate the implementation of the Portugal Space 2030 Strategy, particularly in the area of ‘Space Technologies’, aiming to bring scientific and technological results to higher TRL levels, to increase the participation of Portugal in international scientific missions, to keep contributing for the establishment of a competitive Portuguese scientific and industrial network, while fostering Space-related employment within it.

Find out some policy-making processes supported by LAETA in the period 2015-2020.

Wildfire Behaviour and Fire Safety Marine Renewable Energy Railway Vehicles Certification Space Technologies Safety Engineering