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R&D Projects

CONCERTO   |   HORIZON-JU-Clean-Aviation-2022-01 

Grant ID: 101101999

Jan 2023 – Dec 2026


Construction Of Novel CERTification methOds and means of compliance for disruptive technologies.


Improve safety while shortening time to bring new safe products to market and into service, and maintaining European leadership and competitiveness. 
De-risk the certification path.


Develop a comprehensive set of regulatory materials on certification together with preliminary description of methods of compliance applicable to the three "thrusts" of Clean Aviation; 
Deliver a first status of comprehensive digital framework of formalized collaborative tooled and model/simulation-based processes for certification. 


Reinforce European leadership and sovereignty in leveraging our position as the forerunner of worldwide new certification frameworks. 


Research Team:
Pedro Camanho | 0000-0003-0363-5207
Albertino Arteiro | 0000-0003-2427-0243

Main Contribution:
  • Support in the characterisation of thermoset and thermoplastic composite constitutive laws and related material properties for applicability in hydrogen storage solutions through the development of digital tools and experimentations;
  • Support in the development of innovative solutions to improve the digital tools for qualification and testing activities;
  • Develop the key enablers of the modelling & simulation methodology to support certification by analysis.