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R&D Projects


Grant ID: 101069994
Set 2022 – Feb 2026


Embodied AI/Robotics Applications for a Safe, Human-oriented Industry


Digital transition is driven by the introduction of robots, AI and remote work that reduce the risks of dangerous tasks and increases productivity. But cognitive overload, digital fatigue, mental exhaustion and various forms of ‘techno-stress’ are also increasing and shall be tackled to ensure health and safety at work.


Support Start-ups and SMEs in the uptake of advanced digital eco-responsible technologies (in particular AI, data and robotics) to help workers in their daily activities and improve their working conditions (safety, health and well-being) leading to productivity increase.


Contribute to accelerate an eco-responsible digital transition by 2030.


Research Team:
Luis Oliveira | 0000-0003-2180-0376

Main Contribution:
  • Define the monitoring rules, guidelines and KPIs to ensure a successful execution of the Application Experiments​;
  • Business Coaching, ​Mentoring by Industrial Pairs,​ Building Blocks adoption support​ and User-Centric Approaches​, during the execution of Application Experiments.