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R&D Projects


Grant ID: 101058089

Apr 2022 – Mar 2026


European recycling and circularity in large composite components.


Provide sustainable methods towards recycling and reuse of composite materials, coming from components used in various industries, such as aeronautics and wind energy.


Propose innovative dismantling/sorting systems enabling reuse/recycling of complex composite materials;
Develop and integrate novel solutions for a higher reuse of whole products and components;
Develop tools to demonstrate the circularity and the environmental benefits of the solutions tested;
Consider the co-design of learning resources together with local and regional educational organisations for current and future generations of employees.


Reuse of composite material and recovery of secondary raw materials with higher value;
Reduction of waste sent to landfill and positive environmental impact.


Research Team:
Nuno Correia | 0000-0001-6486-3954
Raquel Santos | 0000-0002-1050-1808

Main Contribution:
  • Definition of requirements for redesign and reuse of large EoL composite components; 
  • Evaluation of their condition and mechanical properties in order for the development of a separation decision making tool, optimizing of the amount of salvaged and reusable material;
  • Support the construction and validation of demonstrators obtained through reuse (1st generation products) and recycling (2nd generation products).