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R&D Projects

FIBREGY   |   H2020-LC-NMBP 

Grant ID: 952966
Jan 2021 – Dec 2023


Development, engineering, production and life-cycle management of improved FIBRE-based material solutions for structure and functional components of large offshore wind enerGY and tidal power platform.


Enable the extensive use of FRP materials in the structure of the next generation of large Offshore Wind and Tidal Power (OWTP) platforms.


Develop, qualify and audit innovative FRP materials for offshore applications, elaborate new design procedures and guidelines, generate efficient production, inspection and monitoring methodologies, and validate and demonstrate advanced software analysis tools.


Reduce dramatically the LCoE of the offshore renewable energy generation compared to current technology baseline.


Research Team:
Nuno Correia | 0000-0001-6486-3954
Nuno Rocha | 0000-0002-7779-2558

Main Contribution:
  • Develop new types of connections for FRP materials;
  • Elaborate new design procedures and guidelines; 
  • Build small and middle scale demonstrators in a way to validate the work done.