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R&D Projects

FirEUrisk   |   H2020-LC-CLA-15-2020 

Grant ID: 101003890
Apr 2021 – Mar 2025


Developing a holistic, risk-wise strategy for European wildfire management.


A risk-centred management strategy integrating wildfire prevention, suppression, and restoration practices and policies and implementing an operational platform of coordination, professional training, and exercises is demanded to address mega-fires, the wildland urban interface, and the fire challenges in Europe.


Develop, evaluate and disseminate a science-based integrated strategy to: 1) expand current wildland fire risk assessment systems, including critical factors of risk previously not covered; 2) produce effective measures to reduce current fire risk conditions, and 3) adapt management strategies to expected future climate and socio-economic changes.


Deliver innovative risk-informed regional planning approaches that are effective in increasing the resilience of local communities, ensuring safety and enhancing protection of assets and economic activity.


Research Team:
Miguel Almeida | 0000-0002-0379-6062

Main Contribution:
  • Project coordination;
  • Design models on how extreme wildfires behave.