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R&D Projects


Grant ID: 101057499
Set 2022 – Aug 2027


Identification of chemical and biological determinants, their sources, and strategies to promote healthier homes in Europe.


Protect citizen health by providing knowledge, tools, and measures to substantially improve indoor air quality (IAQ).


Conduct research and evaluate innovative actions to reduce hazardous chemical and biological determinants in homes, positively impacting the health of residents (with a particular focus on infants and young children);
Comprehensively advance the understanding of the determinants of IAQ in homes by implementing innovative, low-cost, non-invasive sampling strategies (sensors, indoor/outdoor passive sampling, urine biomonitoring) to characterize determinants of household IAQ and their importance to human exposure.


Provide  evidence-based recommendations and a draft of policy strategy for developing IAQ standards;
Generate FAIR data on hazardous determinants, their effects, risk factors and sources;
Raise  citizen awareness while exploitation by industry and policy makers will endorse a transition towards homes with zero pollution.


Research Team:
Marta Gabriel | 0000-0001-6920-9038
Gabriela Ventura | 0000-0003-2589-5915

Main Contribution:
  • Engage Portuguese families living in urban and rural areas and conducting comprehensive sampling works in their homes.
  • Work towards the identification of the determinants of exposure and of corrective actions for improving IAQ in the participants' homes.
  • Derive evidence-based recommendations and actively support the preparation of the INQUIRE Action Plan for promoting healthy homes in Europe.