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R&D Projects
Dec 2021 – Nov 2023


Boosting KNOWledge of Adhesive BONDing Personnel


Increase the ability and promptness of vocational education and training (VET) provider to manage an effective shift towards digital and more flexible technologies for a systematic approach regarding the initial and continuous education of adhesive bonding professionals.


Qualify operational staff fundamentally and sufficiently, but exclusively focused on their specific activities in the adhesive bonding workshop, thus using innovative and more flexible tools for learning and assessment.


Solutions at European and national levels for the challenges that VET and digitalisation of learning, particularly in the case of Adhesive Bonding technology, thus bringing the possibility to explore and develop micro-credentials linked within a European Qualification System (EQS).


Research Team:
Lucas da Silva | 0000-0003-3272-4591
Ana Queirós Barbosa | 0000-0002-1661-9989
Eduardo Marques | 0000-0002-2750-8184
Ricardo Carbas | 0000-0002-1933-0865

Main Contribution:
  • Project coordination;
  • Specific European Adhesive Bonding Training (SEABT) for specific industrial activities;
  • Digital and interactive learning tools;
  • Piloting courses to expand participants knowledge on specific Adhesive Bonding field and applications;
  • Conferences for KNOWBOND results presentation with National and European stakeholders.