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R&D Projects

MecaNano   |   COST Action CA21121
COST 035/22
Set 2022 – Set 2026


European Network for the Mechanics of Matter at the Nano-Scale.


New materials with improved performance and durability in order to overcome the current environmental crisis;
Holistic understanding of how the nanoscale mechanical behavior gives rise to the macroscopic properties of the materials.


Combine the expertise and resources of European and associated researchers to overcome the different bottlenecks limiting the exploration of mechanical size effects;
Boost the experimental yield by easing access to the latest techniques in nanomechanical testing, nanomechanical simulation and nanocharacterization to the whole community;
Promote the application of machine learning to nanomechanical research and favoring the development of interdisciplinary in situ techniques.


Synergetic gains through a common agreement on the physical parameters to be investigated and by promoting interoperability of the research data;
Strengthen nanomechanical research in the European Research Area (ERA). 


Research Team:
Pedro Camanho | 0000-0003-0363-5207

Main Contribution:
  • Identify and promote the use of the most effective (robustness, highest throughput) experimental and simulation techniques;
  • Foster the use of machine learning in combination with nanoscale techniques in order to boost the amount and value of information extracted from a single experiment.