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R&D Projects

UpHyMob   |   ERASMUS+ 

Feb 2022 – Jun 2024


Upskilling the EU workforce for hydrogen fleets and infrastructure operation and maintenance.


A workforce comprised of technicians who will be able to maintain H2 powertrains but also install and maintain Hydrogen Refuelling Stations (HRS), thus combining the two worlds of powertrain maintenance and refuelling. Indeed, a training programme tailored to cover the needs of the emerging H2 mobility sector is currently lacking.


Define EU-wide occupational requirements for H2 mobility technicians that reflect the needs in the H2 mobility sector;
Design and deliver a joint curriculum & educational resources on H2 mobility technicians' skills, to be embedded into formal & non-formal training provision;
Introduce and pilot test contemporary, flexible training delivery methods and open-access pedagogical resources, to support self-paced H2 mobility skills acquisition;
Pave the way for the recognition, validation, integration of new skills requirements & a qualification for H2 mobility technicians into relevant schemes. 


100 Stakeholders consulted to identify H2 mobility skills requirements; 
30 VET providers and in-house trainers expressing interest to integrate UpHyMob educational resources into their offerings; 
4 National qualification bodies reached to plan the accreditation of H2 mobility qualification; 
100+ Formal and non-formal (H2) mobility learners using the project’s MOOC.


Research Team:
Pedro J. Coelho
Ana Filipa da Silva Ferreira | 0000-0001-7933-9792

Main Contribution:
  • Co-development of all UpHyMob learning units for the VET curriculum and MOOCs;
  • Translate all educational resources, MOOCs and dissemination materials;
  • Drafting the initial statement of support for the UpHyMob qualification scheme;
  • Contribute to the research for the definition of H2 mobility skills needs.