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R&D Projects


Grant ID: 101058458
Out 2022 – Mar 2026


Flawless and sustainable production of composite parts through a human centred digital approach.


Optimize the composite manufacturing process, reaching zero-defects and consequently, reducing the generation of waste process and product associated.


Develop a human-oriented solution, capable of identifying in an early-manner feasible defectiveness in composite parts manufacturing and to determine if corrective actions should be adopted.


Non-destructive inspection and monitoring instruments: to retrieve key process parameters
On-line defect severity estimation tool: to predict the appearance of defects and to estimate their severity to suggest the optimum feedback and feedforward control strategies;
Interoperable software platform for data-sharing and Standardization roadmap;
Tailored training program: to support the operator in the control and decision-making of  the manufacturing process with the assistance of FLASH-COMP solutions.


Research Team:
Nuno Correia | 0000-0001-6486-3954

Main Contribution:
  • Composites processing;
  • New materials development;
  • Holistic sustainability assessment for manufacturing.