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No-Stress Manufacturing

R&D Projects

No-Stress Manufacturing  |   EIT-Manufacturing - Innovation Call 2023

Grant ID: 23472
Jan 2023 – Dec 2023


Monitoring human factors at the production line


Stress and scarce attention are the main causes of work accidents in industry and they affect workers’ performance;
Physical, physiological, psychological aspects related to stress have already been studied through the analysis of biometric data, but they have never been integrated with neuro-physiological/psycological data. 


Capture the motion of workers while performing manufacturing tasks, by real time collecting neurophysiological parameters and interacting voice assistance to gather reactions and feedbacks;
Develop a monitoring system for manufacturing companies to improve their working conditions;
Propose rules to lead the workplace toward a human-centred work environment.


Promote healthier working contexts, increased workers’ well-being, risen production efficiency and less human errors, absences and/or downtime;
Link occupational safety procedures, risk or efficiency assessments to the factors that affect workers’ load and performances.


Research Team:
Nilza Ramião | 0000-0002-4633-8600
Mário Vaz | 0000-0002-6347-9608

Main Contribution:
  • Motion Capture;
  • Ergonomic Data Analysis;
  • Mitigation Module Definition.