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Advanced Production (AP)

Advanced Production (AP)

Advanced Production (AP)

Towards the Digital Twin for Metal Additive Manufacturing (DigitalTwin4AM) & Intelligent Automation for Cyberphysical Systems.


  • Build-up of an advanced metal AM cell to be used as a platform for all types of activities in the context of Industry 4.0. 

Key Tasks

  • AM process simulation (physical and surrogate models; experimental validation/ characterization). Includes post-processing (machining). 
  • Development of intelligent automation frameworks. Includes implementation activities.


  • Framework of intelligent automation for cyberphysical systems, made available and implemented in simulation systems. 
  • Predictive tools to be used in the AM process planning and control, combining physical analytical/numerical modelling with in-situ sensor data (data-driven models).

Global Coordinator

Miguel Afonso Dias Ayala Botto

Other Institutional Coordinators

Abílio Manuel Pinho de Jesus


Bernardo Marreiros Firme
Jorge Wolfs Gil