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Emerging Technologies (ET)

Emerging Technologies (ET)

Emerging Technologies (ET)

Structural energy storage composites.


  • Solid-state structural energy storage devices providing the best combination of storage capacity and mechanical performance, maximizing the weight and energy efficiency of mobility systems, supporting their electrification, and further use of renewable energy sources. 

Key Tasks

  • Conceptual design
  • Multi-scale, multi-physical model development
  •  Analysis and in-silico concept validation
  • Manufacturing and electromechanical characterization


  • Scale-up of a new ferroelectric-electrolyte structural battery (FESB) solution, including new electrodes and cells' architectures, for specific mobility applications.
  • Multi-scale, multi-physical computational framework for analysis and design of structural energy storage composites.

Global Coordinator

Maria Helena Sousa Soares de Oliveira Braga

Other Institutional Coordinators

Nuno Miguel Rosa Pereira Silvestre


Maryam Niazi