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Health & Safety (HS)

Health & Safety (HS)

Health & Safety (HS)

New challenges in protecting human life in an occupational context.


  • New devices and methods to improve the safety of workers in the new industrial contexts, particularly focusing on safety monitoring in extreme thermal environments.

Key Tasks

  • Development of a human thermoregulation model
  • Development of new orthopaedic devices for skeletal repair
  •  Creation and test of VR tools for application in security context


  • An innovative human thermoregulation simulation program
  • New analysis and training tools based biomechanical models appropriate to industrial applications
  • Numerical virtual reality (VR) tools and physiological data sensing devices

Global Coordinator

Mário Augusto Pires Vaz

Other Institutional Coordinators

Amândio Manuel Cupido dos Santos
Miguel Pedro Tavares da Silva


John Ogudiran
Jorge Emídio Costa dos Santos
José Carlos Marques Rodrigues
Nilza Alexandra Gomes Ramião