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Sustainable Energy (SE)

Sustainable Energy (SE)

Sustainable Energy (SE)

Clean and affordable energy for sustainable cities and communities. 


  • Meaningful contributions for the decarbonization path of the energy supply of cities and communities, focusing on three main R&I topics: Energy Efficiency of Buildings, Integration of Renewable Energy, and Gasification of Biomass and Waste. 

Key Tasks

  • Development of software tools, prototypes and experimental setups
  • Experimental and Computational Tests
  • Data Analysis & Results Leveraging


  • Extended simulation models for renewable hybrid solutions
  • Improved solutions for the energy and indoor environmental quality monitoring of buildings

Global Coordinator

Manuel Carlos Gameiro da Silva

Other Institutional Coordinators

Carlos Frederico Neves Bettencourt da Silva
Szabolcs Varga


Karla Isabel Freitas Gonçalves Jacinto
Luisa Maria Dias Pereira
Mateus Carvalho Guimarães